Product overview

Hertzstück™ is a lead salt infrared detector with unique features:

  • Small footprint through new thin-film encapsulation
  • Bondable contacts
  • Compatible with industry standard production methods
  • Large active area
  • High sensitivity
  • Extensive quality control

Hertzstück™ infrared detectors are available as:

  • Bare chip detectors
  • Detectors in TO housing
  • PbS detectors for wavelength from 1 – 3 µm
  • PbSe detectors for wavelength from 1 – 5 µm
  • Multi-Pixel
  • Arrays and array modules
  • Evaluation kit

Bare chip

Hertzstück™ bare chip infrared detectors are protected by a thin-film encapsulation. They can be directly wire-bonded to printed circuit boards. Bare chip solutions enable small, flexible and very efficient devices.

  • Bare chip
  • New encapsulation technology (patent pending)
  • Fully wire bondable
  • Readily available in large scale

Exemplary specifications

PbS detectorsPbSe detectors
Wavelength [µm]1 – 31 – 5
Peak detectivity at room temperature 
(606 Hz, 1 Hz) [cm·Hz½/W]1·10112·109
20 % cut-off wavelength λC [µm]2.94.5


TO Package (Transistor Outline package solutions)

The infrared detectors Hertzstück™ are available with double encapsulation. The sensors are not only protected by a standard TO-package, but also by a novel thin-film encapsulation directly on the chip.

  • Thin-film encapsulation for long lifetime and highest detectivity at room temperature
  • Additional TO-package for increased safety, robustness and compatibility with existing products

Exemplary specifications

PbS detectorsPbSe detectors
Wavelength [µm]1 – 31 – 5
Peak Detectivity at room temperature 
(606 Hz, 1 Hz) [cm·Hz½/W]1·10112·109
20 % cut-off wavelength λC [µm]2.94.5


Multi-pixel detectors

Hertzstück™ multi-pixel detectors consist of 2 to 16 pixels in line or matrix design. The detectors cover a wide spectral range, which is highly relevant for applications in inline or mobile process analytics and quality control.

  • PbS multi-pixel detector for wavelengths from 1 to 3 µm
  • Pixel numbers from 2 to 16 possible in variable designs
  • Highest detectivity at room temperature
  • High stability and long lifetime through thin-film encapsulation


Arrays and array modules

The array modules comprise a 256 pixel array and a corresponding read-out electronics in a hermetic P28 package.

  • Efficient and cost-saving single stage thermoelectric cooling.
  • Detectivity at room temperature above 1 ∙1011 cm·Hz½/W.
  • Frame­rates up to 1 kHz
  • Analog multiplex output.

Thanks to their low power consumption, Hertzstück™ PbS array modules are the ideal solution for mobile applications such as handheld spectrometers.

Hertzstück™ arrays are available up to 512 pixels and pixel pitches starting from 50 µm. Further customization is possible.


Evaluation kit

The evaluation kit enables users to easily compare different varieties of the Hertzstück™ detectors and to quickly develop circuit designs for their applications.

  • 2 input channels
  • 48 kHz sampling rate
  • 16 bit resolution
  • powered and controlled directly over USB

Package includes software performing real-time FFT and statistics analysis. The standard version is equipped with 2 mm x 2 mm bare chip PbS detectors, other detector geometries are available upon request.